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Newsletter To Command and Collar in Print


To Command and Collar is in Print!

Hey, y’all! Masters of the Shadowlands 6: To Command and Collar has finally made it into print! Woohoo! I know you’ve been waiting a long time.

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I hope you realize that Master Raoul wouldn't have a book if it weren't for y'all. I'd planned to leave him on the sidelines. By the way, he says to tell you “thank you.” But that's Master Raoul, always very polite (as opposed to Nolan, say, who can be downright rude if it suits him). I found it quite odd that this Dom who was so polite could also be so strict.

Then I'd planned to pair him up with Sally, the poor trainee submissive who's been waiting forever for her happy ending. Made sense, right? She needs a strong Dominant, he's definitely that–but they didn't work out at all. Totally unsuited for each other. I put my matchmaking pen down and simply frowned at them both–talk about uncooperative characters–and tried to think of someone else for him.

Well, you all had already provided me with the right heroine (yes, I'm blaming you again). Really, I was perfectly happy leaving Kim where she was until the last book, but oh my, your screams of outrage! (‘Virtual' shouting over the Internet is so disconcerting. LOL) Master Raoul agreed that I was being heartless, and he volunteered to help out, and so a story was born.

As always, the cover and blurb are off to the right. A hot excerpt for you, my readers, is below. If you want to check out the regular beginning excerpt, it's on my website

Rituals and Protocols

In To Command and Collar, Master Raoul teaches Kim some rituals and protocols: Keep your eyes down. Ask permission to speak, to come, to go. Are you wondering why all the picky details?

There’s several reasons, but let’s look at just one. Whether for a scene, an evening, or 24 hours a day, rituals and protocols heighten the awareness of the power exchange and remind both the Dominant and submissive of their roles. So much of BDSM is about the mindset… 
For example, a preparation for a scene might begin with the submissive kneeling in front of her Dom, kissing her collar and offering it to him–symbolically giving him both her trust and submission. He closes the leather around her neck in a blatantly physical display of ownership. The gentleness with which he performs the act and the kiss afterward shows her that her Dom cherishes her and delights in her surrender. The little ritual before starting a scene helps both into the proper attitude.    
Let me give another example about a couple who both work. Naked and kneeling, she greets her Dom at the door, reminding him of his place in her life. His affectionate greeting and caress and kiss acknowledges her submission and shows his appreciation. The brief ritual lets them move away from the outside world and enter their special D/s space. When she brings him his drink and kneels at his feet, they’re in the roles where they feel comfortable and are ready to share the happenings of the day.
To conclude with a sweet example:  Aftercare–the time spent together after a scene–can be another ritual. Receiving water from your Dom, having your hurts cared for, snuggling and being comforted, talking over how things felt–both the good and bad. This type of ritual heightens the bond created during a scene. 
And…if you think about it, even non-kinky relationships have their own aftercare. After a nice sweaty evening of sex, don’t you snuggle up to your dearheart, indulging in ‘pillow talk’, exchanging the good and bad (“God, when you did xxx, I almost came right then.”), reaffirming the bond between you and how much you care.
Look around and see what rituals you use in your life

Masters of the Shadowlands 6:
To Command and Collar

Determined to find the human traffickers preying on Shadowlands’ submissives, Master Raoul gets himself invited to a small slave auction. Once informed, the FBI orders him to reject the limited choices so the slavers will invite him to the big auction. To Raoul’s shock, one of the slaves is the kidnapped friend of a Shadowlands sub. She has a scarred body…and an unbroken spirit. He can’t leave her behind. Ruining the FBI’s carefully laid plans, he buys her. 

Kimberly’s freedom has come at a devastating price: the other women are still slaves. An FBI raid is their only hope for rescue. Desperate to help the Feds locate the big auction, she agrees to pose as Master Raoul’s slave. Wearing a collar again is terrifying, but under the powerful dominant’s care, Kim starts to heal and then to blossom. This is what she’s been drawn to—and fled from—her entire life. 
She escaped the slavers who captured her body—can she escape the Master who’s captured her heart?

What I'm working on now

I finished the Dark Haven book I was working on, and My Liege of Dark Haven will be out in digital format on August 28th. (Alas, not in print yet). So now, I’m dividing my attention between a new contemporary BDSM and a story for Master Sam of the Shadowlands.  

Happy Happenings

The Goodreads BDSM group voted me: Favorite Author in 2011; Make Me, Sir was voted Favorite Book in 2011.

Rolling Stone magazine listed me in their BIG ISSUE under The Next Big Thing in Books and called me an “ascendant erotica queen.” (*rolling eyes*).

Make Me, Sir won The Romance Review’s Best Book of 2011 for erotic BDSM romance, and Hour of the Lion won Best Book of 2011 for erotic paranormal romance. (Woohoo!)

Print News

Everything is now in print except my two paranormals: Hour of the Lion and Winter of the Wolf. I hope to see them printed sometime this summer.

To Command and Collar

“I know women go crazy over chocolate,” Master R said after a bit, “almost as much as men obsess about sex.” He pulled her onto his lap, leaning her back against his left arm. She stiffened, then relaxed. “Since you’ll enjoy a chocolate movie more than me, I should get a treat for every time they eat candy.”

“Your logic isn’t –”

He cupped her face with his free hand, and his lips took hers, lightly in the way she’d grown used to. Then his tongue stroked insistently. He tasted of wine and of himself. Her hands curled around his forearm as heat rose inside her.

Lifting his head, he smiled down in her eyes. When he tried to move his hand, she realized she still clung to his arm and had to force her fingers open.

Shifting slightly, making her fully aware of the erection pressing against her bare bottom, he refilled her glass. She tried to check his, but it was behind her, on the end table. After handing over her drink, he resumed watching the movie. Jerk.

Before Kim had more than a few sips, the heroine talked someone into sampling her wares, and Master R kissed her again.

How much chocolate do they eat in this movie?

A lot. Each kiss grew more drugging, wetter, deeper. No longer teasing, he took her mouth hard, ravaging until her toes curled and heat flushed her skin.

She felt the wetness growing between her legs. Her fingers tangled in his black hair; her other hand pressed against his chest and the iron muscles that flexed as he lifted her closer.

When he raised his head, his eyes were half-lidded with his passion. He smiled slightly and paused the movie. “I have a couple of toys to add to the evening. Stand up, please.”

Toys? When a man — a dom — said toys, he didn’t mean stuffed animals or baseballs. A shiver ran through her. His eyes narrowed in warning. She jumped to her feet.

He pulled a package out of the end table’s drawer. “Open.” He patted her thighs lightly to have her widen her stance, but this time he kept tapping until her legs were so far apart that she rocked unsteadily. “You may hold on to my shoulders to keep your balance.”

She rested her hands on his hard, hard shoulders, her loose hair falling over her arms. Her pussy felt open. Exposed. Oh God, what was he going to do? She bit her lip, trying to remember she’d asked for this. “Touch me some,” she’d said. You’re an idiot, Kim. Her fingers dug into his skin.

“Good girl.” The package held a small bullet vibrator. He slickened it in her wetness — and she realized she was very, very wet.

She had an instant of fear as his calloused fingers touched her so intimately, and then with a smooth move, he pushed the toy inside her vagina.

At her gasp, he looked up, studying her for a second, his hand still between her legs. His dark brown eyes held lust but also concern…for her. As he watched her, his finger traced through her folds, spreading the wetness, establishing that…that he could. Marking his ownership.

Her body tingled, top to bottom, with his slow stroking.

“Good sumisa,” he murmured. He patted her thigh, indicating she could stand up straight. Her thighs closed over her swollen, throbbing labia.

“Now put these on.” From the drawer, he brought out a black lace thong.

What an odd choice. As she pulled the thong on, she noticed something firm in the crotch. What the? She opened her mouth, and he shook his head no.

He set his glass of wine and two small boxes on the coffee table and pulled it closer. Resting his back against the sofa arm, he stretched out with his legs on the cushions. “Now sit here — silently — and we’ll watch the rest of the movie.”

She could feel the bullet inside her. The thing in the thong rubbed on her pussy as he took her hand and pulled her onto his lap. He leaned her shoulders against his chest, her legs between his. His thick erection pressed against her bottom, and her breath stopped. Then started. This was Master R.

He put her glass of wine in her hand and resumed the movie.

Five minutes. As she relaxed, she found she liked leaning against him. A rather lumpy chair rest, but warm. He had his right arm around her waist, and the coffee table was close enough he could pick up his glass of wine with his other hand. She told herself she wasn’t nervous — I’m handling this quite well, really — despite the quivers in her stomach and the way her mind kept replaying how he’d touched her pussy. After trying to sip, she realized her glass was empty. She frowned at it.

Even his chuckle seemed to have a Spanish accent. “You have no reason to be nervous…yet, sumisita,” he whispered in her ear and filled her glass. As she took it, he kissed her ear, sending goose bumps racing down her arms. And she was feeling the effect of the wine — not drunk, but…comfortable.

As he leaned back again, somehow he’d moved so the dark hair on his forearm tickled the undersides of her breasts.

On the big-screen TV, a man saw his wife on her knees, scrubbing a bathroom. He looked at her butt in the air and walked forward, his intent very clear.

“Perhaps you should clean the bathroom on your knees,” Master R murmured. The thought of him coming up behind her, bending over her… She took a slow breath.

He ran his finger over her naked stomach, making the muscles quiver, then reached sideways and picked up one of the little boxes.

The vibrator inside her came to life with a low buzz. She jumped at the weird sensation. Her wine sloshed in the glass, and his arm tightened around her ribs.

“It is not hurting you, gatita,” he said soothingly. “Relax and watch the movie. I will quiz you on the plot later.”


That earned her a nip on her ear. “Silence.”

The vibrator buzzed inside her, making her…aware…but not rousing her nearly as much as the feeling of Master R’s arm so close to her breasts, his cheek resting on her hair, the sensation of his chest moving under her with each breath.

The buzz stopped, and she relaxed. Johnny Depp appeared, and the movie revved up much like her arousal. What did Master R have planned? She’d probably be okay with it, but damn, she wished she knew.

He set his wine down on the coffee table, and a second later, the lump in her thong hummed. It was a vibrator too, and oh God, it was almost against her clit. Her muscles tensed.

She froze completely when he reached around her, traced his fingers up her pussy, and resettled the vibrator directly on her clit.

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