Frequently Asked Questions

What’s coming next and when?

Let me lure you over to the “Coming Soon” page. I try (and sometimes succeed) in keeping it updated with schedules for upcoming books as well as what I’m currently working on.

Questions About Series and Standalone Books


 Are you going to continue the Masters of the Shadowlands series?

Yes. How's that for a simple answer? At this point, I'm going to see about writing a couple of books focusing on the original Masters & subbies--much like I did with Protecting His Own with Master Nolan & Beth. 

Why can’t I find Masters of the Shadowlands 1: Club Shadowlands or Masters of the Shadowlands 2: Dark Citadel in print?

Because I have a sadistic nature and love your expression of confusion. But no. Really, it’s because Club Shadowlands and Dark Citadel are packaged together in one print book called Masters of the Shadowlands.


Will Dixon and Stan get their own book? 

No, so sorry! Since I love to write about the first meet and first kiss (etc. <g>), and they're past that point, I probably won't give them their own story. But they'll definitely show up in future books so you can see how they're doing--and whether Stan is able to keep Dixon both controlled...and cherished.

I love the Mountain Masters series. Will there be more books set in Bear Flat? What about the other Masterson brothers?

When I get back to this series, Morgan will get the final book.  

What happened to Destiny from Dark Haven?

Destiny belongs to Belinda McBride, (another author in the Doms of Dark Haven anthologies). Thus, she has left Dark Haven, leaving Xavier in the lurch. And Belinda will have to tell you what happens after that.

I’m a little confused about the Dark Haven series and the Mountain Masters series. Are they one series or not?

Well, after a bit of pondering, and after getting the rights back to the two novellas in the Doms of Dark Haven anthologies, I went ahead and combined the two series into one, although I hadn't exactly planned for them to be quite so tied together.

You see, first, I wrote Master of the Mountain and near the end, the couple visit the BDSM club in San Francisco called Dark Haven. And I felt bad for one of the Doms there, so when another author wanted to write an anthology, I thought it would be a great way to give that Dom a happier ending. Thus,  Simon Says: Mine came out--and it has the people from Master of the Mountain show up briefly.

Then I wrote a sequel to Master of the Mountain called Master of the Abyss (which has some of the Dark Haven folk show up briefly).

The other authors wanted another anthology, so I wrote a novella for it using one of the characters from Master of the Abyss, but set mostly in Dark Haven. (Master of the Dark Side)

Then readers wanted to know more about Dark Haven's owner, so I wrote another Dark Haven book--not an anthology.

So, technically, Dark Haven was a spin-off of the two Mountain Masters books, but the people from one series pop into the other series' books. I tried to make them all stand-alone, but they're probably more fun to read in order, because of the recurring characters.

And yes, you can call me an idiot for making a mess.

Here is the proper reading order:

#1 Master of the Mountain
#2 Simon Says: Mine
(this novella was previously published in the Doms of Dark Haven anthology)
#3 Master of the Abyss
#4 Master of the Dark Side (this novella was previously published in the Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night anthology)
#5 My Liege of Dark Haven
#6 Edge of the Enforcer
#7 Master of Freedom (1001 Dark Nights novella...although it ended up being far longer than a novella <g>)
#8 Master of Solitude
#9 I Will Not Beg 
#10  Master of the Wilderness


What’s next for your paranormal A Wild Hunt Legacy series?

Patrin & Fell are the next up. I'm guessing their book will come out sometime in late summer, 2024. It should be a fun read since they're still learning about all the Daonain traditions that they missed while being trained as assassins by the Scythe.  


Will you be writing a book about Drake or Steel from The Dom’s Dungeon?

I haven’t given up on writing another book or two around the Dom’s Dungeon people after that. It would be fun to give Steel a submissive to play with…someone to unsettle him completely. And Drake needs someone also. 


Are there going to be any more books for your sci-fi, A Starlight Rite? I want to see a book for Blackwell.

Yes, I'd like to write another SF. I've been eyeing Blackwell and wondering what kind of woman could balance him out. He’s got such a lovely mean streak to compensate for all that loyalty. But it will probably be a while before I get back to Nexus. 


Can you give me your opinion of my book?

I love seeing new writers get published and wish I could help each of you on the way. Unfortunately, between my own writing deadlines, as well as stupid legal considerations, I can’t read unpublished books. I really am sorry.

I want to know more about BDSM. Where would I start?

Just for y’all, I’ve written a few articles, as well as provided a list of BDSM links. Jump over to the Extras page and see if you find something useful. And remember, do your homework and play safe!