Cover art for Defiance

Hot Excerpt


Jessica missed being able to cuddle and talk without listening for a baby monitor. Missed making love without worrying about being interrupted.

If Master Z still wanted to make love to her after she got all angry and demanding.

His eyes narrowed. “What was that thought, right there?”

When she looked away, his fingers closed on her chin and forced her to meet his intent gaze. “Jessica.”

“Can I hope you’re not so mad that you don’t want to make love?”

“Ah.” His lips curved in a dangerous smile. “It’s a rare moment that I don’t want to make love to you. However, I’d be delighted to give you some reassurance.”

After taking her lips in a long, warm kiss, he set her back from him. Regarded her slowly. His voice deepened. Darkened. “Strip for me, little one.”

A shiver ran through her. When Z turned into Master Z, he had the power to rock her world.

Under his steady, authoritative gaze, she removed her clothing until she stood naked in the center of the room.

“Very nice.” With a faint smile, he strolled around her. Inspecting her as a Master would. His hand trailed over her wide hips…and she could feel his appreciation of the beautiful curviness. When he cupped one breast, she could see his pleasure in the heavy lushness. How he enjoyed teasing her nipples to pebbled peaks.

With a ruthless hand, he tilted her head up and took her mouth, his lips firm, kissing her deeply until the floor beneath her shook.

“Stay there.” He disappeared into the bedroom and reappeared with the quilt from the bed. After spreading it out on the floor, he set the salon bag beside it.

“Sit there.” He pointed to the quilt.

She settled cross-legged in the center.

After stripping, he sat behind her, so close his hard erection pressed against her buttocks. For a moment, far too short a time, he reached around her and played with her breasts, cupping and teasing them.

She felt the haze of arousal settle around her.

He chuckled. “Sorry, kitten, that was just for my own enjoyment. Before I started.”


“You’re all tensed up.” After squirting lotion into his palms, he began to massage her shoulders. Her neck. Her arms. His hands were strong and warm.

As her body loosened up, she realized how stiff she’d been. Not surprising, what with plane flights, waiting rooms, and facing down an annoyed Master.

His fingers hit a knot, dug in painfully, and then all the muscles around it relaxed and warmth flooded that area. “Oooh.”

Z’s low chuckle filled her ears.

As the air filled with the scent of citrusy vanilla, he murmured, “Mmm. I like this fragrance on you.”

The minute she’d sniffed it in the salon, she knew it would appeal to him.

When his hands moved away from her back, the temperature in the room rose. His warm, slightly callused palms slid silkily over her breasts to tease her nipples back to hard points.

Low in her body, a molten pool began to form.

Her breasts were tight and achingly swollen when his stroking moved down to her stomach.

When her head cleared enough that she could move, she turned to kneel, facing him. After getting her own squirt of lotion, she ran her hands over his hard muscled arms.

Looking up, she caught her breath. His gray eyes were the color of steel, filled with a devastating confidence…and heat.

Desire simmered in her bloodstream. Slowly, she traced the divide in his biceps and triceps, avoiding the healing wound on his deltoid. Her fingertips moved down the contoured line between his pectorals, each ridge of his abdominal muscles.

Smiling slightly, he rose to his feet and gave her a look. Proceed.

Still on her knees, she leaned forward to kiss the hollow at the angle of his hip and groin. And then she closed her mouth over him.

She heard his low inhalation. He let her enjoy herself for far too brief a time, then gripped her hair. Taking control from her. “Hands behind your back.”

Her whine was an audible protest.

The sound of his deep masculine laugh filled her with need.

He was thick and hot as he moved in and out. As her tongue traced the veins, the rougher dent on the underside.

Her head controlled; her hands behind her back; submission and desire. Her body seemed to be melting into the floor.

“There, now, that’s enough, kitten.”

* * * * *

Pulling himself out of her warm mouth, Zachary settled in front of her on one knee. Because he needed to touch her.

Looking at her, he smiled. Her lips were swollen, her cheeks flushed with arousal. Her breathing was faster.

After taking more lotion, he ran his hands over her, simply enjoying all those lush curves. He paused. Her skin was incredibly soft. More slowly, he stroked his palms over her back, her ass, her legs. Silky smooth. Someone had utilized the salon’s services. “Mmm. Very nice, kitten.”

She smiled at him, delighted he was pleased.

After a quick kiss, Zachary cupped her breasts to savor the succulent weight. Her pale pink nipples tightened into hard buds.