Coming Soon - Cherise Sinclair

What's going on in the writing cave?

Upcoming: The final book in the Sons of the Survivalist series is Hawk's story, Soar High. And man, it's difficult to let go of these guys. But it's done and the release date is December 7th!   My beta readers and editors say y'all are going to love this book.  

Last release: The latest Shadowlands, The Effing List, was Ghost's book, and it was so much fun to have an older hero and heroine. Love it!  If you don't remember, Ghost is the security guard who mostly took Ben's place in the club. He's older, retired army Special Forces, and a sadist.

Working on: It's time to get back to the Wild Hunt Legacy and give Heather her long-overdue story.  Rainier Territory is a mess, right?  

AudiobooksWhat You See in the Sons of the Survivalist series with Gunnar Qualen and Jenna St. Claire narrating is now available.   
     Noah & Erin finished Leap of the Lion in the Wild Hunt Legacy and it's out now!  Yay!  They're also contracted for The Effing List and then Healing of the Wolf.

Cats: The kitteh above is the rescue we took in last summer. She's turned into a total fluff-ball with such an attitude. Here, she's taken possession of my dearheart's Wranglers and isn't about to give them up. Putting clean clothes away with her around is quite the adventure.

Hugs to you all with hopes that you are staying safe and well,
~ Cherise