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 Sarabi typewriterWhat's going on in the kitteh cave?

I'm so excited to bring you Defiance, a Masters of the Shadowlands novella. 

And, I know y’all are going, WTH, where did this book come from? It’s like this… 

You know I’ve been writing a new, more mainstream series set in Alaska, right? Well, I was all ready to send the first draft to the editors when Liz Berry (of 1001 Dark Nights books) corralled me and said I shouldn't spring the Alaska series on you without an introduction story. She also insisted that the novella should be Master Z & Jessica's. I sat there in horror. Write another book before releasing Not a Hero? What?

But she was right, dammit. Y’all deserve a proper introduction to the Sons of the Survivalist. Thus, Defiance with Master Z & Jessica was born. The novella is set in Alaska, and you'll get to meet the four heroes from the “Sons of the Survivalist” series.

Then, on January 29th, you'll have the first book of the series, Not Hero. And oh, you're so going to love these guys!  You do know what kind of heroes live in that rugged setting, don't you?  Tough guys. Deadly ones.  This series will be a bit more mainstream–not BDSM–but sheesh, I don't think I could write a beta hero to save my life. lol  You're going to get four very dominant brothers.

While the editors and I play with revisions for Not a Hero, I'll be starting work on a new Mountain Masters & Dark Haven series book–specifically for Dark Haven this time. (My Liege told me I had to write a book for his club. That was that.)  Sir Ethan will finally get his story told…and will find the submissive who will shake up his calm personality. Heheheh

Audiobooks:  Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard finished Beneath the Scars and are now working on Winter of the Wolf in the Wild Hunt Legacy series. 

Happy Listening!

~ Cherise



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