Coming Soon | Cherise Sinclair

Trail in fogWhat's going on in the writing cave?

Woohoo!  I'm so excited that the next Wild Hunt Legacy book now has a release date and a title!  Healing of the Wolf will be out on June 23rd. The release date is very close to Summer Solstice–and the Daonain will be celebrating Summer Solstice during the story.  How fun is that!?! 

Y'all have been asking about a book for Heather. Well, after I catch up the other series, she'll get the next Wild Hunt book. In Healing of the Wolf, you'll get a glimpse of the males I'm considering for her.  See if you think they're worthy. 

Next? As I'm finishing the last proofs on Healing of the Wolf, I've also started on Bull's story for the Sons of the Survivalist series.  Bull is such an amazing mix of huge and gentle–and deadly. I'm guessing his book will be out in the fall sometime. (Yes, I know I drive you crazy with no set release dates. Blame my DH who banned deadlines from the house.) 

After Bull's story, I'll return to the Shadowlands and probably suffer for making our new sadist (Ghost) wait to get his story told. I know a lot of y'all are hoping I won't give him a young submissive. No worries–he's going to need someone old enough to stand up to him–and brave enough to submit.  

Audiobooks: What with little things like pandemics, Noah & Erin are behind in narrating Eventide of the Bear. But I've heard the first batch of chapters and oh, I do love hearing Calum again. Y'all are going to love Emma, Ben, and Ryder. 

Speaking of pandemics, my DH and I live on a few forested acres, and we're simply staying home for the duration. Our outings are walking the dog around the property (yes, that's a picture of one of the trails above). And when I'm frustrated with a plot or character, I go and yank weeds in the garden. (This year, it's the tidiest garden evah!).  

Hugs to you all with hopes that you are also staying safe and well,
~ Cherise