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What’s going on in the kitteh cave?

Woohoo! I just turned the next Masters of the Shadowlands, Servicing the Target in to the publisher.  Honestly, I never thought I’d enjoy a Domme book, but this is so fun. Maybe because of the hero.  Ben–yes, I’m talking about the Shadowlands security guard–decided he would be the guy to wean Mistress Anne away from her pretty boys.  Oh, she’s still a Domme–no doubt about that, but you’re really going to like Ben with her.

And Jessica (finally) gets to have Master Z’s baby. If you enjoy seeing how the previous couples are getting along, this should be a treat. lol

Servicing the Target 200x300Servicing the Target releases July 28th, 2015.

It’ll release everywhere–and be in print on release day as well. (Yay!)

There are pre-order links and an excerpt on this page for you.

Servicing the Target

Next up: As you probably know already, I had to put aside the Wild Hunt Legacy for a time.  For those of you who were eager to read the werebears’ story, I’m sorry!  The book was two-thirds written, so that’s what I’m going to jump into next.

After that, well, I’m not sure.  Sawyer from Master of Freedom would be really fun, especially if Atticus drags him further into the lifestyle. And yet, I kind of gave Uzuri a rough time in Servicing the Target, so I’m feeling guilty.  Let me know what you think.

Audio books:  I’ve been getting requests for more audio books.  Good news there.  Phil Gigante finished narrating the first in the Mountain Masters & Dark Haven series: Master of the Mountain, and it’s available now. He’s supposed to start Master of the Abyss about now–so y’all feel free to nag at him, okay?  lol

And Noah Michael Levine just finished the fourth in the Masters of the Shadowlands series: Lean on Me. Audible/ACX is doing its processing magic, and the book should be up soon (around the end of June/beginning of July). Noah has already started on Make Me, Sir–and I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Master Marcus. Mmmhmm. 

Happy Listening!

~ Cherise