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What’s going on in the kitteh cave?

Well, I ran right up against a deadline for Master of Freedom (the next book in the Mountain Masters series), and had to put aside the Wild Hunt Legacy for a time.  For those of you who were eager to read the werebears’ story, I’m sorry!  The book was two-thirds written, so I’ll definitely get back to it once I’ve cleared away my contracted works.

At this moment in time, I’m finishing up Master of Freedom for the 1001 Dark Nights project which will come out on Amazon April 14, 2015 (up on preorder already).

After that, it’s back to the Masters of the Shadowlands.  Ben–the security guard–says he’s interested in spending time with Mistress Anne.  (Seriously?)  I told him he’s out of his mind.  But he’s stubborn.

And then Master Z informed me that it’s time for Jessica to have that baby of theirs.  A woman in labor versus the Master of Masters.  Hmmm.

So it’ll be an interesting time coming up in the Shadowlands, yes?

Plan on a late July 2015 release for this book.

~ Cherise


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Coming April 14, 2015


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